About us


About us

Welcome to the world of texts! I am Ana Horvat, a dedicated author of articles, who draws her inspiration from the sunny regions of Hvar, Croatia. Z ljubijo do besede and razvállekné žlice, I give myself to the literary grass, where I explore the variegated plates of the human bathhouse.

Who am I:

In my 30s, I covered many trails, and I draw inspiration from the picturesque landscape and rich history of Hvar. By studying journalism at the University of Zagreb, I gained a solid basis for writing, combining academic knowledge and personal experience.

Where do I start:

My texts cover a wide range of topics, from deep analyzes of social phenomena to vivid descriptions of local experiences. With each article, I want to offer readers insight into different perspectives and encourage a sense of connection.

My education:

I am a proud graduate of the Journalism Department of the University of Zagreb. The academic path gives me a solid foundation for investigative journalism, supported by real experiences, which allows me to express myself at the highest level.

My vision:

I believe in the power of storytelling, which connects people regardless of their background. My goal is to contribute to a dialogue that celebrates beautiful diversity and encourages critical thinking.

How you can follow me:

Discover my articles and stories via [link on social networks or website]. There you will find the latest articles, insight into my creative process and the opportunity to share your thoughts.

Thank you for taking the class and stepping into my world of conversation. For cooperation or questions, I am available via [e-mail].


Ana Horvat